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Company reputation management

Our competitors speak in generalities when it comes to corporate reputation management. Their websites include content about them doing ‘business listings populations and ongoing verification’. This is as meaningless to us as it must be to you. Your company is your lifeblood - don’t put it in the hands of the wrong people.

To put it simply, we delete negative content about you online for a one-off fee with a money-back guarantee. No retainer, techy talk or jargon – just peace of mind. Here is an example of a deleted Yahoo Answer page. If you have negative Yahoo Answers, Yelp or Yell.com reviews, negative Google Suggestions appearing, bad Google Reviews, Images, YouTube videos or malicious blogs about you we will make it as if they never existed. We will wipe the slate clean. Here is an example of a deleted blog.

If other online reputation management agencies say they can remove third party content after you sign up with them it is because they outsource this service to us. We have also removed negative content about them too! Why pay their retainers and mark-up when you can come to us direct?

Separate to our negative content removal service we also offer ongoing social media and blogging packages designed to keep any future negative content away from the first page of Google for your company name. This minimises its impact on your corporate reputation and allows us more time to target the negative content for removal.

We do not write fake positive reviews about your business or respond to negative reviews as this just prolongs the problem. We provide results from day one, and additional ongoing support wherever needed.  We also provide our clients with access to the latest reputation monitoring tools and our Removal Management Suite. These packages have to be tailored for your company’s needs. Talk to us today to find out more.

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