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Building your personal reputation

For many people, their online presence is something they don’t think about. Many people, even those in business, don’t think about their personal brand. However, this is exactly what employers search when considering them for jobs. Your personal online Reputation can make or break you, and finding the right companies to help is key to making it a success.

All CEOs have their own Wikipedia pages. In order for that to happen they would need to be featured in a number of prominent publications. This is essential to making them Wikipedia worthy and providing references for the page. This does not happen over night, and takes years to accumulate.

To say ‘ORM is not an after-thought’, in the words of Pure Reputation managing director Simon Leigh, is an understatement. Indeed, everything you do should be in line with the reputation you want to have. A negative reputation, caused by negative press for example, can embarrass your company and cause you to lose your job.

There are a number of ways to protect your reputation. Monitor your name regularly. You can also create a Google alert for this. Ensure you are active on a number of social media platforms and blogs. This will provide Google with pages to show on page 1 for your name, which will displace any negative content. Hire an Online Reputation Management company like Pure Reputation to report negative content and strategise your online presence.

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