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At Pure Reputation we set ourselves apart from the competition by keeping the client in control at all times. We do this by boosting your own social media pages and blogs, which we can create for you. You have the login details to these and own them, meaning you own page 1 of Google for your company name, whether you continue with us or not.

Other companies boost pages on websites they own, or using link practices that require artificial maintenance for them not to disappear. Link farming is a practice used by some unethical companies to own a client. By writing content about their client on their own websites, and linking to them from their own 'farm' of websites, when a client chooses to end their campaign all the work can be deleted with a click of a button.

At Pure Reputation we boost your pages in a way that they gain authority in a Google-friendly and stable way, ensuring that they remain at the top. We carry out ongoing linking and bookmarking of your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube video, Pinterest, Blogs etc, but all the links come from third-party relevant websites to your industry, or from your own assets. They are permanent and on website we are not associated with the websites in any way.

We also target and remove negative reviews, blogs, forum threads and Yahoo Answers about you. As well as this, we can clear up any negative Google Suggest results you may have. No other company is as flexible and committed to solving your reputation management issues than Pure Reputation. Talk to us today to find out more. Call: 0207 183 4227

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