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Tackling negative news articles

Many individuals with online reputation management problems have negative news articles about them. Most of the time when individuals who are not in the public eye have this happen they don’t know what to do. They reach out to lawyers but they can’t help, and even make the problem worse. They may have had a career for 30 years and yet the only thing that shows when they Google themselves is this one embarrassing or somehow negative article, which makes them look terrible. All their achievements and positive contributions have been swept under the rug and replaced by one article that has been copied over again and again across different news websites. This happens even for hearings and not even when there is a court verdict and can be totally unfair on them.

The problem

When this happens most people think nothing can be done. They freeze, especially when they see all the negative images linking to the articles. They do not try to push down the negative news and do not carry out any new positive PR about them because they are scared. If they reach out to a PR company they fear any new article about them will reference the negative story in it, which can happen. However, they have to do something because it is ruining their name, which they rely on to earn a living. The reputation they spent their lifetimes building is now ruined and they are stuck. Many times they don’t want to have their names on social media pages, which is what a social media agency will do to push down the negatives. They don’t want themselves to be personally exposed and they don’t want to have to update loads of profiles either.

What is the solution when faced with bad press?

At Pure Reputation, our online reputation management agency has found the answer. We understand our clients and have been working with them since Oval Globe was founded in 2011. We know how Google works, and that putting out positive press releases will not help the situation as they won’t show up for their name and won’t displace the negatives. What is needed is a solution which brings all these elements together; challenging negative content, promoting positive content and controlling the Google results. Our unique approach solves the problem permanently by leveraging the strength of the worlds most powerful domains. We create profiles about fictitious people with the same name. We promote existing social media pages that already show just below the negatives to displace it, rather than wait for new pages to gain authority. We mix up the results by creating relevant social media pages and profiles for you and boost them alongside third party positives. We contact the newspapers to get the content removed or changed and then use this win to tackle the websites that copied the release. Our team can set up microsites and Wikipedia pages.

We can even remove the negative Google Suggest results. Negative news is actively removed by Google, with no trace that online reputation management happened. All the negatives are gone. Find out more about how we do this by contacting our team today on 0207 183 4227

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