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Delete yahoo answers

At Pure Reputation we don't push down Yahoo Answers...

We delete them!

Yahoo Answers can be a greate resource and an interesting read.

However, sometimes they get used by people to harm companies and individuals online. Yahoo Answer questions usually get promoted to page 1 of Google because of the strength of the Yahoo domain. When you get one about you, it can therefore cause a lot of damage to your reputation.

We can delete Yahoo Answer questions with no contract to sign. All we need is an email agreement and we can make a start on removing the negative content about you. We then invoice you once the job is done and you are happy with the result. Here is an example of a negative Yahoo Answer question:





The Dangers of Negative Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers factsBenefits
Leverage the domain strength of Yahoo to show up on the first page of Google easilyReduce your cancellations
Clump together at top of Google and can build up to take over much of the pageAttract new clients to your business
Can be written anonymously after logging into Yahoo with a fake Google accountProvide a positive company image to investors and the public
Can be used maliciously by competitors and ex-employees as an easy corporate espionage toolRemove the need for long term costs to push this down
Can target individuals, companies and brands alike.Increase your employees confidence in your business

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You will be refunded if the content on the page remains after two weeks.

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