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At Pure Reputation we're passionate about protecting and restoring reputations. We aim to produce stable long-term results for our personal and corporate clients. We provide a complete solution to any online reputation management problem, including fixing Wikipedia pages.

There are 10 positions on page 1 of Google. The more of these positions you control, the more stable and robust your online reputation will be. Even with sitelinks and expanded search listings, your Google results page still has 6 positions that are exposed. Filling these up with your social media pages, company blogs and positive posts about your company will push negative content off the first page. Even if you hire a lawyer to sort the problem, it may only lead to more court cases, and more articles. If you hire a PR company, they will put out press releases that will be tainted by the old negative news and won’t know how to get their content to page 1.



For online reputation management campaigns, one big problem with carrying out positive news after negative news is the old news gets dragged up. Even a new positive story may have a mention of an old negative incident included by the journalist along with it. All they have to do is Google search your name. The positive news put out won't necessarily outran the old news. You need positive news to move on from the negative incident, but you need to clear the negative content first. Our team are experts at making that happen. We do this in a way that leaves the past behind and helps you create a new story, a new you, with a new narrative. Even if you signed and NDA or can't get your side of the story out, we can help. Find out how by contacting us.



Our innovative team can remove a range of negative content including, Yahoo Answes, Quora, Glassdoor, Google Reviews, Moneysavingexpert, Yelp and Yell.com reviews, forum posts, news articles and negative third-party blogs. Pages that can't be deleted can be de-indexed from Google search. Even after negative content is removed, having a strong presence for your brand term will give any new negative content a hard job gaining visibility in Google. This is why the positive content promotion and negative content removal go hand-in-hand.

As Googles main search results incorporate images and videos, we will ensure that positive images and videos on platforms you control also show up for your business name. However, even before a potential customer finishes typing their search for you in Google, the predictive search function of Google may come up with a negative suggestion. Get in touch and discuss how to help protect and build your brand.



We take a collaborative and client-led approach to your Online Reputation Management, with a dedicated account manager and an experienced ORM team at your disposal. Our online reputation management packages can be tailored for individuals or businesses of any size. We also work with clients in especially regulated industries and can fix negative Wikipedia results too. Contact us for examples of our work and discuss your reputation management needs. We can help! Find out more about our approach to Remove Bad News from Google about individuals here or see our online reputation management services page to learn more.

We take the time to get to know you and don’t expect you to be a marketing expert. We conduct ourselves openly, in plain English, and will manage your expectations effectively ensuring you are kept in the loop every step of the way. Pure Reputation have a unique Removal Management Suite and Project Management Platform are designed to allow you to personally log in and check the status of the negative pages, upload content, access a shared calendar and to do list. Here are our prices:

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