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Simon Leigh Pure ReputationSimon Leigh founded Pure Reputation agency in 2010. For over ten years he has built the company into one of the leading Online Reputation Management firms in the world with a global client based and industry-setting standards.

His belief in putting the client first has resulted in an unparalleled track record of successful campaigns for both personal and corporate clients. As a thought-leader in the industry, Simon Leigh has worked to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Operating under the idea that everyone deserves to control their name online, he put the technology that was once available to only the wealthiest corporations in the hands of everyday individuals. Whereas SEO uses online marketing techniques to help businesses, ORM is for both businesses and individuals, providing an even playing field for the first time. Pure Reputation was the UK's answer to the American-controlled industry of the time, competing with Reputation.com and Brand.com to provide an affordable solution for everyone.

Simon Leigh attended JFS, and studied at the University of Leicester, attaining a BSc in Psychology with Neuroscience and a MSc in Psychological Research Methods. It was there he gained an appreciation for perception and cognition. Adapting his scientific approach to the online space, Leigh approached things differently to how the industry was operation, providing a 360-degree service that included both reporting of negative content and positive content promotion. Challenging third party content was something that had not been done before. It was believed that this was not possible, but through persistent reporting he developed a tried-and-tested method of achieving this, providing unapparelled results not previously seen in ORM. He gained his experience working at prominent SEO agencies in London including Sapient Nitro, Greenlight Search and Starcom Mediavest. He also worked client-side, for companies including Bounty, Premier Farnell and SportingBet. This provided him with both agency-side and client-side experience, essential to formulating his own online services.

Pure Reputation developed from a boutique agency in North London to an established company based in the Broadgate Tower in Liverpool Street, shortlisted as a finalist for the National Business Awards in 2018. During the years they have expanded their services to include media outreach, Wikipedia creation and editing and review management. They also built their own custom ORM tools for clients to use to oversee the progress of their campaigns and share information. The platform they invented was called TeamTimeline.co.uk. He coined the phrases 'ORM is not an after-thought' and the slogan for the company 'In your corner'. Find out more about Pure Reputation here.

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