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When you first see a Yahoo Answer creeping up page 1 of Google under your brand or personal name you think 'Oh no!'   Your name is suddenly at the mercy of anyone who wants to say whatever they want about you. Not only that, but Yahoo Answers lead to more Yahoo Answers, which eventually clump under your website, taking up up to 30% of the page.

It seems no matter what you do it doesn't move down and every day more and more people are contributing to a negative thread about you. Many reputation management companies and SEO agencies will tell you to ' confront the problem head on and answer your unhappy customers!' However, this is nonsense and can be extremely damaging. This is because the person writing the thread was most likely not a customer in the first place, but a competitor trying to ruin your reputation.

Yahoo Answers leverage the strength of the domain and can be written virtually anonymously and so are commonly used as a weapon online. Furthermore, every time you contribute to a thread you are adding fresh content to the page, actually boosting it in Google. Not only that, but people then respond to your positive post negatively claiming you are lying on behalf of your business. This is why the Pure Reputation approach is different. We target and delete negative Yahoo Answers. Here is an example of a deleted page. All removals are permanent and approved by Yahoo. No Yahoo Answer - no problem. We always aim to solve the problem, not prolong it or manage it like other companies.

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