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Remove bad yelp reviews

Yelp Reviews and reviews on Yell.com can be a great boost to a business - if they are positive. However, if a negative review is written about you on either a Yelp or Yell.com page it can be devastating. These pages are extremely trusted. Like Yahoo Answers and Blogspot blogs they also leverage the strength of their domain. This means they automatically have the authority to reach the top of Google for your business name. A robust online reputation management package which gives you a powerful set of pages may push this down but if you do not have one it can take months to set up. In the meantime people are searching for your business on Google and turning away before they even click on your website. Negative reviews on these websites are also permanent and can be linked to and promoted by your competitors.

Pure Reputation have developed a targeted approach to remove the negative content in the shortest possible time. We do not tie you into a contract, and only charge a one-off fee if the page is removed. We focus on the negative Yelp and Yell.com reviews and delete them. The negative reviews are removed by the website itself and so it is an official and permanent removal. The pages remain and only the negative reviews are removed. This allows you to benefit from your Yelp and Yell.com pages, instead of fearing them!

Contact us today about your negative reviews - we can help!

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